A few of my activities as an MSP

Not comprehensive, but they illustrate my values and range of interests.


Scottish Parliamentary Committees   
•    Rural Affairs and Environment: 4 years
•    Equal Opportunities: 3 years
•    External Affairs: 6 months    


Scottish Parliamentary Cross-Party Groups

•    Climate Change
•    Scots Language
•    Human Rights
•    Racial Equality
•    Drug and Alcohol Misuse


Local Activity

Holding regular surgeries and surveys, I was an accessible and responsive MSP who campaigned on a wide range of local issues on behalf of my constituents, and visited many businesses, charities, educational establishments, etc. It’s important to remember that the people who elect you are your employers!


Fighting Corporate Crime

Presented Member’s Bill:
•    To introduce the principle of equity fines to replace fiscal fines. Fiscal fines generally result in people being made unemployed or prices rising. The aim of equity fines is to move the burden of the penalty from the employee or customer to the shareholder and directors.
•    To introduce the principle of independent inquiries into a company’s finances following their conviction. At the time companies were allowed to provide their own reports into their finances, allowing them to report them as weaker than they were and so avoid substantial penalties. This proposal was adopted into the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.


Amendments to Parliamentary Bills

Lodged successful amendments to the following bills:
•    Flooding – to include environmental, social and economic costs;
•    Marine – the creation of a network of conservation sites;
•    Wildlife and Natural Environment – five-year review of snaring practices;
•    Criminal Justice – see above.


Animal Welfare

•    Successfully lobbied to end the hot-branding of horses in Scotland;
•    Campaigned against shock collars.



•    Successfully led the parliamentary campaign to ensure equality for the Scots language on the 2011 census;
•    Raised the profile of the Scots language during my double-labelling campaign.   


Independent Reports

Published three independent parliamentary reports relating to:
•    NHS procurement;
•    Scots language in the classroom;
•    The failings of (and alternatives to) GDP as an indicator of the economy.  


International Justice

Campaigned to:
•    ban depleted uranium weapons;
•    adopt Kampala definition of the crime of aggression. (Let us make it clear to UK leaders that if they go to war illegally they will also go to jail.)
Both are now party policy.

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